Program Details

Program Details

Soft Power Skills Academy is a focused series of four one-week face-to-face online workshops for high-performing

individuals ready to soar to the next level of self-improvement and leadership.

Inspiring and Empowering Leaders to Create Meaningful Change

Break Your Barriers

The pace of technological change in the work space is dizzying, threatening to leave those unprepared behind.

The most important areas we can keep ourselves relevant are Leadership and Soft Power Skills.

Breaking the barriers to reaching the next level requires a personal choice to change…change to a proactive posture, to smart decision-making, to taking ownership.

Without experienced direction, the change process can take years of mistakes or chasing the wrong things. Soft Power Skills Academy taps into the power of Dr. Cummings’ expertise, and the synergy of working with like-minded leaders, to accelerate positive change.

Fulfill your potential. Inspire. Empower. Change.

If you’re ready to accept the challenge, apply now.

You Are Not Alone-Alumni Network

The heart of our program is people…interacting in real time, face-to-face, holding each other accountable and encouraging one another to personal excellence. You will join a network of like-minded leaders, building relationships among the alumni that reach far beyond the power of the workshop.

The Academy Basics

Four one-week online

collaborative workshops

Activity-focused Co-create and

deliver practical projects

Small class guarantees

one-on-one interaction

with challenger coach

Live team meetings 3x per week

for synergistic co-creation

and feedback

Topics Include



•Decision Making

•Critical Thinking


•Strategic Analysis

•Dealing with Ambiguity

•English Communication


•Planning & Feedback

•Positive Psychology

 & Behavioral Economics

•Purpose & Goal-Setting

 We’re Not Like the Others

We start with a select group of motivated self improvers. Our competitive selection process ensures the quality of the team members that will challenge each other to unexpected accomplishments. You won’t get a talking head lecture throwing facts, figures, and theory at you. Instead, you’ll take the information that you gain on your own schedule to meet, innovate, and create on projects that are a practical application of knowledge. It’s not easy…nothing in life that is worth doing is. But it’s rewarding.

Our formula for self-improvement is simple but powerful. You get the information you need via selected readings and videos, then meet via Zoom with your cohort to respond to the challenging prompts and projects. You’ll be under time pressure to deliver about 3 projects per week—learning to perform when it counts under stress. You’ll give and receive straightforward, constructive feedback from your peers for each project, and reflect to step up to the next level for each project.

30+ Years of
Experienced Guidance

Dr. Cummings has more than book knowledge of leadership and soft power skills—He’s lived it, and shares his experience with the select class.

Summaries and Analysis
of Latest Knowledge

Keeping up with leadership and personal development information can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Dr. Cummings selects, summarizes, and analyzes the most important works for you.

Real Time Co-Creation With
Peer Feedback

Our emphasis is on taking action for change…not lectures or theories. The person-to-person work and feedback are things you can’t replicate in books or videos. And you establish life time friendships.

Benefits of Soft Power Skills Academy

At Soft Power Skills Academy, we inspire and empower you to…

…Co-create change with like-minded people – during and after the course

…Proactively develop your “people skills”

…Improve and motivate yourself through peer-to-peer feedback and accountability

…Produce Higher Quality Decisions

…Inspire confidence in yourself and in others

…Develop competence in Leadership and Teamwork

…Increase your productivity and effectiveness

…Master your persuasive power

…Improve English language skills

…Master Productivity Apps Used in Global Business, such as Slack and Zoom

Accepting the Challenge…Are You Ready?

Our course is intense and demanding. It will require you to put in the preparation so you won’t let down your team mates, and demand some honest self-reflection. There are no grades, there’s no studying for a test…just working together to produce something worthwhile that transforms us in the process.

The Academy is for doers. If that’s who you are, or want to be, we invite you to apply.

Admission is competitive. We primarily look for two qualities to guarantee the quality of the course—your accomplishments, and your attitude for meaningful change.

Would you like more details? Here’s what the course calendar will look like.

  • Apply to Soft POWER Skills Academy


    Next Session is 25 March 2019 to 23 April 2019


    Time to complete: about 20 minutes.