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Ready to inspire and empower your employees to break through to the next level? Teams that learn and practice soft power skills together are more motivated, efficient, and productive.

We invite select companies to reserve seats for your work teams. We can coordinate with your executive leadership to tailor content to address specific concerns or objectives.

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How Can Soft Power Skills Help Your Organization?

The Need For Leadership Training in Thailand

  • Deloitte, “Human Capital Trends 2016” 100% of Thai respondents said that Leadership is their key priory…BUT, only 38% felt they were ready to take care of this issue.
  • Global Leadership Forecast Report 2011–only 35% of Thai leaders consider themselves as being effective.

The Soft Power Skills Academy Solution

We Use Proven Principles form…

  • Military Aviation & Leadership Development
  • Positive Psychology
  • Behavioral Economics

Resulting in…

  • Sustainable Business Agility, Profit, & Growth
  • Improved Confidence & Effectiveness
  • Effective Problem-Solving & Learning
  • Higher Innovation
  • Higher Employee Retention