Robert Cummings created the Soft Power Skills Academy to empower future leaders to master disruptive changes in today’s environment. Dr. Cummings is a former US Air Force command pilot, international affairs officer, and military diplomat with decades of global experience that include flying multi-crewmember aircraft, studying and teaching about culture and the Asian business environment, and coaching in high reliability organizations.

He’s held faculty positions as a professor in the USAF Academy Department of History, and University of Phoenix School of Business. His PhD from Chulalongkorn specializes in Thai-Chinese cultural studies, while his MBA focused on international business. He lives in Thailand and authors a blog about leadership and soft power skills at You can see the details of his background here.

He considers his life purpose, however—to positively impact his environment and fellow human beings through education and encouragement—to be more important than academic degrees or experience.

Ariya Chittawong teams with Dr. Cummings to communicate the vision and purpose of the course in both English and Thai languages, and ensures smooth delivery of service to our students.

Ariya has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Thammasat University, and a Masters of Public Administration from the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). She honed her communication skills as a reporter with Nation Multimedia Group, and provides editing and translation for Dr. Cummings’ blog and articles.

We invite our top workshop graduates who qualify to join our team as Challenger Coaches. If you share the values of using your expertise and passion to positively impact others, we welcome you. If you haven’t yet taken the course and want to accept the challenge, we invite you to apply now.

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